Rugby Road Traffic calming HGV ban and refuse traffic

2nd meeting Wednesday April 6th 2005, at 48 Rugby Road

1)      Present: Mark Anstiss (68RR), Richard Mallender, Juliet Mccaffery (councillors for Preston Park ward), Jenny Clifton (41RR), Malcolm Dawes (52RR), Tony Schooley (72RR), Paul Tofts (48RR). Apologies from Steve, Caroline.

2)      Preliminary discussion

a)      The HGV traffic had increased since the Hove depot was closed, with the forming of the unified Brighton and Hove authority.

b)      Juliet said she could bring the petition to the notice of the Assistant Director for transport, Caroline Dwyer, (who is on the Environment Committee and in charge of transport). This would enable the background work to be carried out in advance of the Environment Committee meeting in May, in the hope that a positive decision could then be made at that meeting. Caroline Dwyer can be called on tel: 292095. This committee meets on Thursday May 26th at 5pm at Brighton Town Hall more info

3)      Petition plans:

a)      Wording is now finalised and has been sent out electronically (on 4th April) to the 5 patch reps, along with the electronic list of voters.

b)      Doorstepping:

i)        Numbers 1-21 Caroline Taylor (#21)

ii)       23-49 (corner with Southdown Avenue) Leighe (#39)

iii)     51-63, 60-96(?) (above Southdown avenue) Cath (#64), with help from Nicola Swainson (#60) and Sophie (#68)

iv)     2-30 Steve Reeve (#10)

v)      32-58 (corner) Malcolm Dawes (#52)

c)      Timescale to be completed by end of next week (Friday April 15th) please, for delivery to Paul (48RR). These will be passed to the 2 councillors for delivery at the full council meeting at BRIGHTON Town Hall on April 28th (near start at 4:30 pm). The councillor will read out the petition, but may not say anything else. More info.

d)      A deputation will also be sent. The leader, who speaks for up to 5 minutes, shortly after the petition(s), has to be notified about a week in advance, to John Chard. [Cath (64RR) has agreed to do this]. Material for the leader should be sent to her/him in advance. Any number of people may go into the public gallery to support the leader.

4)      Action possibilities:

a)      It was agreed that a graded response was appropriate, with gentle actions at first, and the possibility of stronger action later on, as follows

b)      In the next few weeks:

i)        HGV ban notices (unofficial), different enough from real ones so as not to be illegal and to reduce the likelihood of them being taken down by the Authorities. For example a rectangular A4 laminated sheet, with the circular image (downloadable from the website included. Mark will ask Cath about progress.

ii)       Picketing refuse drivers to explain where we are coming from (early morning; Jenny?). Contact with Trades Union? Letter to bin men? (Cath).

iii)     writing/emailing members of the Environment committee  (Paul will put info on the website). More info

c)      a few days before the Environment committee on May 26th:

i)        Demo by school children (Cath? Caroline? Around 8:45am), with Argus in attendance.

ii)       Richard and Juliet said they could go to the Environment Committee and speak to the petition

d)      If the Environment committee does not produce the desired effect, then.

i)        Double parking, feigning breakdown, or driving slowly, to block through carts.

Paul Tofts April 12th, 2005